Approved Membership Applications



Welcome to our newest Compatriots!

Harry Lawrence Jones; Patriot Ancestor: Andrew Byerly; approved August 28, 2017

Kurt Fox Wilson; Patriot Ancestor: William Bonar; approved August 28, 2017

John William Carenbauer; Patriot Ancestor: John Harper; approved August 9, 2017

Frank Leonard Carenbauer, III; Patriot Ancestor: John Nay; approved June 15, 2017

David Martin Weaver, Sr.; Patriot Ancestor: James Hughes; approved April 24, 2017

David Martin Weaver, Jr.; Patriot Ancestor: James Hughes; approved April 24, 2017

John Arbenz Hazlett; Patriot Ancestor: William McKennan; approved April 21, 2017

Jeremy Charles McCamic; Patriot Ancestor: William Asbury; approved April 21, 2017

Edward Lee Phillips; Patriot Ancestor: Christopher Parrott; approved April 20, 2017

David Pierce Ervin of Morgantown, WV; Patriot Ancestor: James Scott; approved February 22, 2017

Bruce Allen McColloch; Patriot Ancestor: Abram/Abraham McColloch; approved February 22, 2017

Timothy Alan Spence; Patriot Ancestor: Andrew Geist; approved February 22, 2017

Travis Keith Waddle of Ashburn, VA; Patriot Ancestor: John Waddle/Waddell; approved January 27, 2017

Samuel Louis White of Wellsburg; Patriot Ancestor: William Hebb; approved September 26, 2016

We also welcome Kenneth Carl Fast of Moundsville who transferred to the Fort Henry Chapter in May 2017.


Congratulations to the following Compatriots for approval of their supplemental applications:

William Michael Traubert; Patriot Ancestor: Obediah Buckingham; approved February 21, 2017

David G. McIntire, chapter vice president; Patriot Ancestors: Thomas Phillips, Sr., September 13, 2016; Francis Boggs, October 18, 2016; Uriah Goodwin, November 10, 2016; Joseph Coon, January 9, 2017; Ann Moreland, February 7, 2017; Henry Young, May 16, 2017; William Anderson, July 28, 2017; Charles Clendenin, July 27, 2017; James Clendenin, July 28, 2017.

J. Gary Auber, chapter genealogist, Patriot Ancestor: Thomas Hollingsworth; approved December 20, 2016

James Harrison Frey, chapter president, Patriot Ancestor: Elisha Riggs; approved March 4, 2017

Application Approval Process Timeline:

From an August 2016 communication from NSSAR Genealogist General John Sinks, the approval process for new member applications is 11 weeks from receipt at the National Headquarters in Louisville, KY, and 16 weeks for supplemental applications.




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